The Nooksack Cirque Panorama

The Nooksack Cirque Panorama, pictured below, was created to showcase the beauty of the Nooksack Cirque in the North Cascades National Forest, while highlighting the dramatic changes that are occurring worldwide as a result of climate change.

Nooksack Cirque

The panorama is 9.25 inches high by 48 inches wide. It is a first limited edition delivered as a digital photo print and printed on archival paper. If you prefer to order by mail, send a check for $64 + $10 S/H to Greg Higgins, Architect, POB 3001, Spokane, WA 99202. The panorama is also available at special order sizes up to 10 feet wide. Contact us for information and pricing.

Or you can purchase the panorama now through Paypal.

A Perspective from the Past

The Nooksack in 1971
The Nooksack Cirque in 1971 (George Mustoe).
"The dank forest and the elusive bits and pieces of miner’s trail and the beaver marsh – all this was first-rate and familiar North Cascades stuff. But we emerged abruptly from the beaver marsh onto a broad expanse of gravel where the river was braiding many channels, and this was a surprise; such valley trains are common below the large glaciers on Cascade volcanoes, but Shuksan is not a volcano, and at that moment we could not even see a glacier upvalley, but only fog and forest and gravel curving out of sight around the base of a Shuksan buttress. We had the feeling that something new was ahead, up there in the fog beyond the buttress. We felt we were going to be impressed. After nearly two miles of boulder-hopping and channel leaping, we turned the corner.

We were impressed. The floor of the Nooksack Cirque is a wasteland of glacial violence where new and old moraines mingle with talus and white-water streams, where sunlight scarcely ever touches the ground more than several hours a day, however fair the skies. The elevation is a mere 3,200 feet, but the scattered and hard-bitten vegetation is more typical of Cascade elevations twice as high."

—Harvey Manning, from The North Cascades (1964) by Harvey Manning, Dee Molenaar, and Tom Miller, published by The Mountaineers, Seattle, WA.

Where Is the Nooksack Cirque?

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